Prep time: 20 min. Make Ahead: one - two days

No Baking, Chill minimum 1 hour Use trifle bowl or other large bowl

Full recipe serves 10-14 people (1/2 recipe works well in a small bowl)

Ingredients List:

2 pkgs crisp Lady Fingers or approx 15 pc Madeleines (avail at Goldenberry)

4-6 oz. dry or sweet sherry (or 2 tsp. vanilla extract mixed with 4-6 oz water)

2 cans of Ambrosia Devon Custard 14 oz./ 400 g (avail at Goldenberry)

2 jars Double Devon Cream 6 oz./ 170 g (avail at Goldenberry)

1 jar good quality British or Irish Strawberry or Raspberry Jam or Preserves 12 oz./340g (avail at Goldenberry)

3.5 oz./ 100g bar Milky Bar white chocolate (avail at Goldenberry)

1-2 packages of fresh raspberries or strawberries

1) Pour sherry or vanilla liquid into a small bowl, reserving 1 oz to be used in step 2. Set aside.

2) Empty jars of Double Devon cream into a large bowl and mix with a spoon or with a hand mixer until smooth & creamy. Add in both cans of Devon custard, mixing well after each can. Add in 1 oz. of sherry or vanilla liquid to custard cream mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Set aside.

3) Using a carrot peeler, make ‘curls’ of white chocolate (to decorate the trifle top). Set aside. Chop remaining white chocolate to mini chip size or a bit finer. Set aside.

4) Now, begin assembling your trifle. Create a layer of lady fingers at the bottom of your trifle bowl by quickly dipping (not soaking) lady fingers in the small bowl of sherry liquid or vanilla liquid, arranging so the lady fingers fill the bottom of the trifle bowl. Use broken pieces to fill corners. This does not need to ‘look pretty”. If using madeleines, cut into approx 4 pcs each before dipping and arranging in bowl.

5) Add a layer of custard cream over the lady fingers about 1 inch thick (or so that the lady fingers aren’t visible).

6) Over this layer of custard cream, add ‘plops’ of jam, approx. 1/3 of jar. Lightly swirl the jam with a fork so that the plops are spread, but not well mixed.

7) If desired, scatter some fresh fruit over this layer. Scatter ½ the chopped chocolate over this layer.

8) Repeat the above 2 more times to create 3 layers. Note: you will use the chocolate curls on the last layer.

*9) When you have created 3 layers of lady fingers, custard cream, and jam, scatter the fresh fruit over the top layer. Lifting the chocolate curls lightly, sprinkle these over the fruit.

*Note: if you are making your trifle in advance, delay step 9 until just before serving. Set aside & reserve the fruit and chocolate curls in the refrigerator. Cover the exposed custard cream layer. Just before serving, scatter the reserved fruit & curls.

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